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On 1 February 2019 the crew of Maurizio Senna and Alessandro Moretti will leave Milan aboard their Lancia Beta Coupè. Two familiar faces of classic regularity and sport with a good record of victories behind them. We thank them for giving us the opportunity to follow their adventure at the Monte-Carlo Historique very closely and let's start with the reconnaissance. The crew is already busy months before the race on both the driver's side and the co-driver's side. The first will concentrate his energies on preparing the car and fine-tuning the tools that will be tested before the race together with his trusted adventure companion. Attention to detail is maximum and you try to have to travel through snowy and icy roads for many days and hundreds of kilometers not to neglect anything. The car must be brilliant because in medium-sized races having a good torque certainly allows you to return to medium in a short time when exiting curves and hairpin bends. Particular attention also to tires which could be of three types depending on the hardness of the snowpack.

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THE RECOGNITION: the crews either on their own car or on forklift cars travel the track trying to memorize the most treacherous points that could create additional difficulties  or unforeseen events on race days. ALESSANDRO MORETTI of the Scuderia Classic Team of Mantua classic regularity Italian top car champion 2017 with his driver SENNA MAURIZIO tell us with short messages  sent ON BOARD from the reconnaissance their own experience.


RECOGNITION DIARY the ARRIVAL: "Here, we have arrived at the country from where  in just under a month  the Dances of the RMCH 2019 will begin. Instrumentation ready and we are a few km from the ZR.  Tomorrow will be 9 and a half hours to get to Valance after having tried 6 ZR. We have decided to run the tests in a different order from that of the race to limit transfers during reconnaissance. "


RECOGNITION LOG, DAY 1 : our friends left 6 ZR behind and, equipped with Italian provisions and strictly French bread, they refreshed themselves in short stops that allowed their Peugeot used for reconnaissance to catch their breath for a few moments. Just the time to appreciate those flavors that grow in intensity in these circumstances. Let's face it, even a simple sandwich on the road has another flavor.

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At the end of the day the words of Alessandro Moretti: "In perfect schedule ... End of the first day, hot commentary ... The first day will be very hard with the whole night on the shoulders and the first two tests really demanding. The first over an hour of ZR with a rhythm  pressing ..... "

"[21:16, 3/1/2019] Day over, tomorrow another 9 hours by car to discover other ZRs. Today we found very little snow but temperatures with max 5 and min - 5. Ice is the greatest concern, leaving aside the snow

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RECOGNIZIONI DIARY, DAY 2 : And after a fabulous sunset we set off again in the cold of the morning for another 10 hours of driving. Today our crew will travel the Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6. The bitter cold of the night left a layer of ice on the bodywork and before leaving why not have fun writing the name of a race that has now become a myth for the world of regularists. Here we are, let's go ...

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Alessandro Moretti: "While the faithful driver is aiming for Grenoble for the break, today we saw Sunday at RMCH and the result of a very tiring day with interminable zr .. Hoping it does not snow otherwise in some places it will be full of fun.
The feeling that the long ZRs have increased
  compared to 2018 I have to check.

The kilometers go by and the tests to be tested too, different landscapes are interspersed while the harmony of the crew grows, which increasingly realizes that this year will not be a walk. A little more time to try the last two tests of the race that from what Maurizio Senna tells us, in an exclusive video, the test of the legendary Col del Turini could be decisive for the final result but I'll let him explain it to you. in this unique and exclusive video. We are therefore waiting for the 1 FEBRUARY departure from MILAN at 6 pm. We will be there and you?


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