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Sometimes when you least expect it, it happens. That's how it was for me. Tonight I was about to leave the office after a busy day at work and just before getting into the elevator a message on my smartphone drew my attention. I would have imagined everything but really everything except Davide Cironi, yes Davide Cironi of Drive Experience had published our story. Thus began the calls to friends and a Friday night like many others became something special. For the first time she was my companion in adventures who only last year, despite her over 30 years of playing, accompanied me, made me dream and amused throughout northern Italy, covering over 6000 km of trips and races, was on an important website. What can I say my friend you really deserved this article and now that you are far away and you are preparing for the 2019 season, enjoy this front page success. Thanks to all the Drive Experience staff for posting us and the next adventure. 

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