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On March 3, 2019 our team participated in Isola Vicentina at the 11th re-enactment of the Isolani Hills Cup, a competition organized by the Isola Vicentina Ra lly Club 10 years after the last edition.

The race was the opening event of the 2019 edition of the Three Regions Trophy of tourist, historical and modern regularity.

Among the 60 entrants there were 3 crews from the Centro Nord Scuderia:

Ivano Ceci and Barbara Botti in a 500 Abarth with the number 50 (belonging to the 2nd grouping of modern cars);

Aldo and Daniele Serino on Giulietta with the number 55 (belonging to the 3rd grouping of modern cars);

Stefano Cenna and Paola Scalia on A112 with number 56 (belonging to the 7th grouping of historic cars).

The race took place along a 135 km route divided into two blocks for a total of 15 timed trials and 3 time controls.

Beautiful landscapes, mixed and fast routes and full of hairpin bends interspersed with circuit tests that put our concentration and technique skills to the test.

In the end, among the historic Stefano and Paola they finished in 15th place overall and 4th in the group.

Among the modern great satisfaction for both crews who get on the podium:

Aldo and Daniele 3rd place in the group

Ivano and Barbara 3rd place overall and 1st grouping place.

In addition to the results, it was another day full of fun and sporting passion!

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