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1st Valposina Valdastico


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"Scuderia Centro Nord celebrates Scuderia's Aci sport license with a double podium"

We are two days away  before the 1st edition of the Valposina-Valdastico I get a phone call from Carmelo. While he was preparing his 500 for the race, a key got stuck due to a trivial mistake in the very difficult to reach point of the engine.  We don't talk about taking everything apart  These are hours of excitement and tension because the departure is in doubt. It just didn't take us ... Finally after a sleepless night the problem is solved and our two crews are ready to leave for this new adventure that is accompanying us slowly throughout 2019



2 Absolute Tourist Regularity

1 Absolute category

Struggle to Win

Ivano and Barbara continue their race for the podium of the Three Regions making us live a dream that seems to never end. We continue to cheer for them and the next appointment will be on August 25th at the Trofeo delle Colline Moreniche where Scuderia Centro Nord will be present with 4 crews.

Coppa CArmel.jpeg


3 Absolutes by Category

A whole night long race

After having managed to leave miraculously and after many sleepless hours to fine-tune his car, the new entry from Scuderia Centro Nord, Carmelo Cappello "repeats" the podium in the category with a good third place. What can I say, we hope that the season will continue at this pace and appointment on 25 August 2019

"Your strength, our strength"

" We crossed the fog, the clouds and never, never gave up, reaching the finish line victorious "  Scuderia Centro Nord is not just a passion for motoring but a place where people feel at home. Starting from this unique and indissoluble bond, the foundations are laid for a great stable. Thanks guys for the emotions you made us experience and I hope to see you more and more in the next races!

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