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Together to Win

"Your strength, our strength"

A race that comes from afar. From a place called commitment, passion. Along the over 280 km of route i  our crews were severely tested both by the weather conditions and by a route that left no room for errors in the interpretation of the RoadBook. Scuderia Centro Nord ranks three crews at the start and their stories  we are lucky enough to experience this weekend's race.



1 Absolute Tourist Regularity

1 Absolute category

Struggle to Win

Second stage of the 2019 Three Regions Trophy for the Ceci / Botti crew that triumphs on this occasion, crowning the dream of getting on the top step of the podium. Among the major difficulties of this Coppa del Piave undoubtedly the weather than in the race  two, on the terrible test of Monfenera he brought the crews into the clouds making it difficult, due to very low visibility, to stay within the set times "A thick fog that looks like a wall" . We went from rain to crossing roads cut in the snow on the test of Malga Budui. The ZRing was very funny with very tight tests inside the private circuit of the ZADRA company. "THE  The horses of our 500 Abarth were served to us all and we arrived on the tube really breathless " say Ivano and Barbara



1 Absolute category

A crew that comes from afar

Also for the Serino / Serino crew, a Coppa del Piave defined Epica. On this occasion they climb to the highest step of the category podium. A guided race where their Giulietta performed very well, taking them to the finish safe despite the reduced visibility. "In some moments we thought that slowing down to protect the car would be the right strategy" . Thanks to this tactic they win the first place in the category in a race that has seen many retirements and where reaching the finish line is already a great victory. For them, the Coppa del Piave in this capacity represented an epic and fascinating race that is worth the more than 1000 km of travel from Rome and back



3 Absolutes by Category

Our first race in a journey that is unbelievable

What could a  father except to participate in the first real regularity competition with his daughter. Sharing with her the difficulties of a track like the one faced yesterday at the Coppa del Piave, the smiles of victory, the fear of fog. Yes, because in this case I feel like saying it, Carmelo and Martina have recently joined the Scuderia Centro Nord team and have immediately infected everyone with their energy and enthusiasm. Then being able to complete a race like this at the first experience with a good third place in the category is a result that speaks volumes about the stubbornness and harmony of this crew. "Our 500 put on a show on the Zring test where I really enjoyed driving, letting my little racing car go sideways at every corner."

"Your strength, our strength"

" We crossed the fog, the clouds and never, never gave up, reaching the finish line victorious "  Scuderia Centro Nord is not just a passion for motoring but a place where people feel at home. Starting from this unique and indissoluble bond, the foundations are laid for a great stable. Thanks guys for the emotions you made us experience and I hope to see you more and more in the next races!

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