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-3…. The countdown to the departure of the 15th Mariano Dal Grande Memorial has begun.

The "2.0 version" of the livery with some adaptations dictated by the line of our Alfa retired today.

Tonight we went out on the pressure switches for training and to test the “lowered” set-up and the grip given by the winter tires.

Adrenaline and concentration will alternate along a path that includes typical Rally passages and which will be preceded by a presentation in grand style on Saturday evening at the close of the checks.

In fact, to celebrate the achievement of the 15th edition, the organization will set up a stage in Chiampo for the presentation of the various crews and a catwalk for the various cars.

And to think also of the Top Drivers (including Armando Fontana, our fellow countryman) who in the past editions have ventured into this race certainly puts further tension on the track.

But our goal, as in any race, is to have fun and always try to do our best.

Greetings to Saturday for updates from the checks



   But she always remains!

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