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A great debut for the Centro Nord Scuderia which sees three crews in the top 20 positions of the general classification of modern cars:

- I.Ceci and B. Botti 5th place overall and third in the group
- S.Cenna and P.Scalia 8th place overall and first in grouping
- A.Serino D. Serino 16th place overall and grouping thirds

The expectations of fast and tight tests as anticipated in the post prologue on Saturday evening did not disappoint.

We found it extremely fun to run around town centers with the children who smiled when the muffler passed by  Clio Rs crackled with unburned fuel with each release.

Thanks also to the organizers and renewed appointment for 2019 .

Further posts will follow in the coming days with a dedicated photo gallery.

Thanks to our guys who, as always, fought like lions.

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